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High Quality Dx51d Galvanized Steel Plate Price

Product Detail

Galvanized sheet refers to a steel sheet coated with a layer of zinc on the surface. Galvanizing is an economical and effective rust prevention method that is often used, and about half of the world's zinc production is used in this process.

According to the production and processing methods, it can be divided into the following categories:

Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet. Dip the thin steel plate into the molten zinc tank to make the thin steel plate with a layer of zinc adhered to its surface. At present, the continuous galvanizing process is mainly used for production, that is, the coiled steel plate is continuously immersed in a galvanizing tank with molten zinc to make a galvanized steel plate;

Alloyed galvanized steel plate. This kind of steel panel is also made by hot dip method, but it is heated to about 500℃ immediately after coming out of the tank, so that it can form an alloy film of zinc and iron. This galvanized sheet has good paint adhesion and weldability;

Electro-galvanized steel plate. The galvanized steel panel manufactured by electroplating has good processability. However, the coating is thinner and its corrosion resistance is not as good as that of hot-dip galvanized sheets

Main Application

Features 1. Corrosion resistance, paintability, formability and spot weldability. 2. It has a wide range of uses, mainly used for parts of small household appliances that require good appearance, but it is more expensive than SECC, so many manufacturers switch to SECC to save costs. 3. Divided by zinc: the size of the spangle and the thickness of the zinc layer can indicate the quality of the galvanizing, the smaller and thicker the better. Manufacturers can also add anti-fingerprint treatment. In addition, it can be distinguished by its coating, such as Z12, which means that the total amount of coating on both sides is 120g/mm. Application Galvanized sheet and strip steel products are mainly used in construction, light industry, automobile, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery and commercial industries. Among them, the construction industry is mainly used to manufacture anti-corrosion industrial and civil building roof panels, roof grids, etc.; the light industry industry uses it to manufacture home appliance shells, civil chimneys, kitchen utensils, etc., and the automobile industry is mainly used to manufacture corrosion-resistant parts of cars, etc. ; Agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery are mainly used for grain storage and transportation, frozen meat and aquatic products, etc.; commercial is mainly used for storage and transportation of materials, packaging equipment, etc. Parameters
Product name Galvanized steel sheet
Type GB Standard, European Standard
Length As customer requirement
Technique cold Rolled
Application bridge construction,welding gas cylinder,boiler
Payment term L/C, T/T or Western Union
Details Delivery


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